Is sparkling water as bad as diet soda?

  • Hey Joanna- I have a nutrition question that’s been bugging me, mind if I run it by you?? I’m a diet soda drinker. Despite knowing how bad it is for you, I drink it anyway. My question is- carbonated flavored waters (like clear splash or sparkling ice) are they like drinking water or are they like diet soda? How about flavored non-carbonated waters like Fruit 2 O? No one can give me a satisfactory straight answer…..

    Here is my response:

  • So the fruit 2o and other diet sparkling waters still have the artificial sweeteners which makes them bad. They might be a wee bit better than soda if they do not have the phosphoric acid in it like soda. The phosphoric acid is like your Lime Away or CLR products – chemicals to remove calcium buildup. But who really wants that in their drink?  Phosphoric acid also leaches calcium out of bones and teeth, so you can get osteoporosis as a result of drinking soda.  The artificial sweeteners are all chemicals and they make you crave more sweet stuff. Which is not a good thing if trying to deal with diabetes and balancing blood sugar. Which artificial sweetener is in your soda?

  • Oh good, so no phosphoric acid. But you have aspartame as the artificial sweetener (600+ times sweeter than sugar) which breaks down into formaldehyde and methanol.  Formaldehyde used for lab preservation…yuk.   And methanol is what is in your windshield washer fluid. Yuk again. Have you tried just mineral water and adding real lemons and limes?

     Maybe you can start with this sparkling water, and mix with mineral water or plain seltzer water. Do that diluting by 25% for a few weeks, then more seltzer and less sweetened water until you get to no sweetened and only seltzer water.  It may take a few weeks to get there.  But I would say that flavored carbonated water is just as bad as diet soda.

    Does that help??

  • Yuk I’ve tried both mineral and seltzer water and think they taste gross

    But thank you- this was quite helpful. I wish I had a fruit 2 O label to show you….

  • That is why I suggested to start mixing them first. Gradual changes vs cold turkey. We need to wean you off the addictive sweetness from the chemical artificial sweeteners.

    I think Fruit 2O has both aspartame and sucralose which that one is chlorinated sugar. Maybe sucralose and acesulame K.  Another  couple yuks!

    I used same method myself 17 years ago to get off diet soda. And hated plain water or seltzer. Now i hate the sweetness!

    My client then sent over the pictures of the other diet carbonated waters for ‘approval’.

    • On the left (green/yellow) is sparkling ice….. On the right (clear) is fruit 2 O.
    • Thanks! Those both contain Sucralose which is chlorinated sugar. And if you keep reading the label, there is a ton of additives to ‘preserve freshness’: potassium sorbate, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium bensoate and EDTA. None of these are healthy either. In the long run, you will be better drinking just plain water. In the meantime, start diluting more and more. The carbonated diet waters are not really better as you add so many chemicals and preservatives. The only thing you don’t get with the carbonated waters is the phosphoric acid and caramel coloring.So the best of the worst so far was the clear splash carbonated water from this afternoon? I realize they’re all bad, I’m just looking for the lesser of all evils to start.
    • So the best of the worst so far was the clear splash carbonated water from this afternoon? I realize they’re all bad, I’m just looking for the lesser of all evils to start.
    • Best to is to either wean yourself off of it as i suggested, or just switch to plain water with lemon or lime or oranges. Let them sit in a pitcher with the water in fridge. You will feel so much better with just plain water although you may hate it for awhile taste wise. But the artificial sweeteners are not the way to go. None of them are that much better as the Clear Splash also has the preservatives.
      My question to you is – which is worse? Methanol and formaldehyde or chlorine?
      • I get what you’re saying, thanks for the info!!!
      • You are welcome! Let me know if I can help in any way. I know it is not easy. But armed with some more information, it might help you make a hard habit a bit easier to break.

      Breaking an addiction to sweet drinks is never easy.  Hopefully this dialogue helps to make the commitment to break the soda and artificial sweetener drinks a little easier.
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One Response to Is sparkling water as bad as diet soda?

  1. Doug F says:

    Here’s the solution:
    – get a lime squeezer like this:
    – go to Trader Joe’s and get some organic pomegranate juice — it’s about $5 per qt. but you only use a little. so no whining.
    – also get some sparkling mineral water where the only ingredients are water and bubbles. Think about investing in one of these when the time is right:
    – get some limes

    Squeeze 1-2 limes (about 1″ of juice) in a 16 oz glass. Add about the same amount pomegranate juice. Adjust to taste. Add some ice and fill glass with bubbly water. Kiss addiction to crap-containing beverages goodbye. Trust me on this one.

    Doug F.

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